Why Cornerstone

A Fiduciary you can trust.

Cornerstone is a privately owned and fully independent company providing wealth management strategies for clients across Canada. With no ties to brokers, dealers, banks, or other investment firms, our focus is entirely on you and helping you to define and achieve your goals.

Process Driven

Investing can be an emotional experience, and it is well documented in behavioral finance that emotional decisions can negatively impact our investment returns. While we acknowledge these emotions exist, we endeavor to eliminate them from our approach, making investment decisions based on research, discipline, and process driven strategies.

We do not use a one size fits all approach. Your investment plan is individually tailored to meet your needs, utilizing proven allocation and diversification techniques, designed to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Costs Matter

Fees, taxes, and transaction costs are among the biggest drags on returns and we believe that minimizing them is essential to successful investing. Using institutional money management practices for individual investors, we do not receive commissions, trailer fees or any other sources of revenues for selling products or securities. We simply serve as your fiduciary, for a single, fully disclosed – and often tax-deductible – fee.

Our success is directly aligned with yours. We believe you deserve an unbiased advisor you can talk to about finances, transactions, and decisions without having to worry they are trying to sell you something.

Financial Freedom

The concept of financial freedom is changing from the notion of not working to that of not having to work. Freedom means something different to everyone, and building a unique plan is an important part of the process.

Travelling, exploring new opportunities... whatever the specifics, for all of us financial freedom means not having to worry about finances. Just knowing you are on the right path can be as reassuring as getting there.

Everything we do is designed with your goals top of mind. We work together to determine what financial freedom means to you, then we build a plan to get you there. Process driven strategies, minimizing costs, and remaining focused on golas, are the pathway to financial freedom.


"Thanks to Cornerstone Fiduciary Wealth Management I have a solid plan for me and my family."

- Melissa, client since 2006

"My husband had always managed our finances. As a recently divorced single mother of 2 this was a foreign concept to me. Cornerstone educated me and helped me build a plan for my future, for my family’s future.

- Linda, client since 2008

I started my own business. The idea was great, but then came the realities of not having the benefits I was used to. Cornerstone helped me navigate the complexities of investing and I feel confident I am on a plan that’s best for me.

- Bryan, client since 2012

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